Peace of mind for your whole body

Strength, a peaceful outlook, recovery and replenishment are all part of a commitment to physical wellbeing.    While there are a number of disciplines that come under the umbrella of this modality, Yoga remains a cornerstone of integrative medicine and facilitates overall mind/body conditioning.



Stillness in the eye of the modern day storm

Every bit as important to physical wellbeing is the resilience and strength that comes from a clear, uncluttered mind, somehow at home in an increasingly demanding world.  Meditation allows you to step away from negative energy and replenish your state of mind with an outlook that fosters creativity, focus and peace.



Nourishing a better life

The difference between dieting and nutrition is nourishment.  The aim is to give your body what it needs to help you enjoy the best life available to you.  Eating the right things at the right times looks different from person to person as circumstances and physiology differs.  What stays the same is our promise to treat you like an individual.


Sound Healing

Another way to access a meditative state

“ Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents “
– Ludwig van Beethoven

Weekend Retreats

Whether you're looking for Corporate Wellness Programs or just wellness events for your business, you can be sure you will be giving your employees a great learning experience!

Improve morale, promote employee wellbeing, and decrease health care costs and absenteeism.