Finding the best answers involves asking the right questions.  Knowing which questions to ask is the basis of creating an effective therapeutic partnership.  In other words a personalised program that opens the door to a fuller, more enjoyable life experience.

Dr Susan Nugent is committed to tailoring health management to the individuals’ circumstances and lifestyle, using a safe combination of conventional modern medicine and surgery as well as natural therapy.

She does this in her private practice - at Rose Park in South Australia as well as through:-

Workshops and retreats - a relaxed and enjoyable way to learn "cutting-edge" as well as traditional methods of achieving and maintaining good health

Presentations - that teach and inspire - gifted Australian and international speakers shedding light on various health-related topics and the challenges we face


Why an integrative approach is more important than ever

Resolving issues quickly and efficiently is an expectation of modern life, particularly in urban centres.  This means that quick fixes to get you back on your feet or back to work are a hot commodity – and a flawed one.  As practitioners of Integrative medicine, our firm belief is that all aspects of medical care should be evidence-based and aim to promote individual and community wellbeing.  The depth of inquiry and openness to typically less invasive treatments is what reflects a high standard of care and more effective prevention.

Joining you on the journey to better health

Pushing healthcare beyond the purely passive to a programme made more effective by a joint effort and commitment between health care provider and patient is key.  Only by involving and investing individuals in the one asset that touches every facet of their life, can we be sure that we are making a difference.   This is how we promote positive and lasting change.  Anything else feels like supervision at best.

Health Wise IM passionately pursues effective, individual care for those that see the benefits of engaging the body’s innate ability to restore equilibrium and good health.

“A cold might be dubbed “common” but it’s never simple, nor are any other aspects of health, disease and effective treatments. Understanding that there’s rarely just one definitive answer means accepting that effective treatment is a multi-faceted proposition.”
— Dr Susan Nugent on the complexities of enjoying good health